Coal Screening

RPM Solutions provides superior solutions to coal screening through our vast knowledge of the coal industry.When it comes to coal screening, RPM Solutions has the ability to provide superior solutions through our vast knowledge of the coal industry combined with our strength and expertise in the minerals processing industry. Our aim is to deliver superior material handling solutions for our clients, big or small, regardless of the location. We differentiate ourselves through our advanced skills and preparation. RPM Solutions’ commitment to detail is the most important component of our success.

Screening machines offer a great way to recover and size any product generated by RPM's processing or other industrial-scale processes. For a long time, coal waste was simply left to accumulate in spoil piles. However, with the advent of new coal screening technologies, a lot of this product can be used to improve the bottom line at a Utility or Industial Site.

Sizing is the separation of material into products characterized by difference in size. This can be accomplished by screening. Sizing of the material is most achieved by utilizing screens. Generally, the size ranges obtained are:

  • Coarse: Larger than 10 millimeter
  • Intermediate: Less than 10 millimeter but larger than 0.6 millimeter
  • Fines: Less than 0.6 millimeters

Screening equipment has been greatly perfected and can drastically reduce the amount of water in a waste product. By sifting through material waste deposits with efficient screens, useful material can be recovered. RPM Solutions recognizes the importance of the screening process for commercial and plant operations, improving efficiency and reducing waste. To that end, RPM Solutions promotes the use of both coarse and fine material screening equipment.

Waste coal piles greatly accumulated from 1900 through 1970. The piles look like hills or small mountains that are dark and barren. Hundreds of millions of tons of waste coal and rock litter the landscape in mining states. As coal waste becomes increasingly more useful and fine coal recovery techniques develop, the market for coal waste continues to grow.

Coarse and fine material screening equipment allows the re-use of products in a variety of ways including:

  • As fillers for concrete and grout products
  • As raw materials for structural fills and embankments
  • As mounds to create ski slopes for winter sports

Our screening equipment at RPM Solutions, rated among the highest quality screening equipment, is used at preparation plants, modular preparation plants and is ideal for material cleaning and sampling for a range of applications.

Dewatering screens have a wide variety of applications. Material can be processed through a dewatering screen. They are designed to produce a consistent drip-free product.

RPM Solutions delivers unparalleled value through our solution portfolio. Call or email us to get a customized proposal. Each client is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help clients reach full potential. RPM Solutions delivers custom solutions, tailored to each specific need. RPM brings a deep wealth of mining, machining and screening experience. RPM Solutions uses proprietary equipment technology and refined operating skills to provide the best service possible. For more information about putting the services of RPM Solutions to work regarding coal screening, contact us at