Material Handling & Separation

The Dragon

  • Designed in the coalfields of the Eastern U.S. to separate and recover any density desired
  • Water only preparation system using pressure to create a specific gravity to separate the aggregates from the carbon material
  • Utilizes water onsite, or in tanks, cycling in a closed circuit
  • Completely mobile and can be transported by truck
  • Minimal Foot- Print 150’ x 150’

Site Reclamation

RPM Solutions Dragon uses pressure to create a specific gravity to separate the aggregates from the carbon material.

RPM deploys a chemical-free, water only, processing plant using support equipment located at the Customer’s discretion. This facility is made-up of fully portable equipment with no negative impact to the existing environment.

We remove extraneous materials materials (dirt, rock, metals, wood, sandy soil, etc.) from raw material on site. We remove this extraneous material through a gravity feed process using clean water hydraulics with vibration and screening triangulation to separate materials. These aggregates will then be conveyed to separate staging areas while the extraneous material will be staged accordingly. The system uses water from a single source in a closed circuit, recycling the water with no negative environmental impact.

The resulting material will be designated to the customer spec,  a useable fuel product, along with a natural aggregate, fill-type material. The natural aggregate will be graded back to environmental spec and hydro-seeded.

Rail & Ballast


RPM can wash almost any size aggregate. This functionality allows us to capture assets, once designed as waste for landfill. Most domestic utility yards have rail and ballast around the yard that has been contaminated with the carbon from train overflow. Instead of hauling this material away to a landfill. RPM snips the rail, which is a saleable asset for the O&M budget, pulls the rail ties and excavates the ballast. This ballast is screened and washed to deliver a clean, usable fill material that is often utilized for road work or ditch work. This simple process can save tremendous dollars.

Earthwork & Aggregate

RPM will deploy a custom solution for any reclamation project. Our expertise can tackle anything from landfill to pea-gravel separation. We have specific skills to address sensitive environmental standards using scalable solutions. Any and all aggregates are welcome! We can wash anything from boulders to pit sand. Our separation technology allows us a wide range of services. Give us a call to test our abilities. Take the following out of Handling, Dewatering page and put in the Proprietary Equipment Technology Page Also, take the bulk of those images, keep the first image, and put them in the imagery page.

  • We have partnered with a major equipment manufacturer to market and operate proprietary Ash Dewatering Filter-presses
  • Hundreds of installations around the world and over 250 in the U.S.
  • Designed to turn the liquid ash slurry product into easy-to-handle “cakes”
  • Potential to drastically simplify control and management of Ash associated projects while mitigating risk, cost, and manpower Footprint Comparison